We take pride in our ability to find and deploy the right people, process and technology to complete every assignment successfully, on-time and in-budget in every sized engagement.  The strength of our firm is in the people and companies with whom we have chosen to team.  We are grateful for their continuing support.

Our senior industry advisors serve operations executives,  who must:

  • Drive performance improvements across myriad complex processes
  • Ensure processes are designed for safety, reliability, quality and compliance

Our teams have:

  • Senior leaders experienced at all levels of the operation
  • Proven methodology, tools and templates
  • Deep industry domain knowledge derived from multiple global engagements

Our clients are:

  • Major and regional airlines engaged in passenger and freight operations
  • Government departments including defense with large fleets of aircraft
  • Repair stations providing 3rd party engine, component and aircraft maintenance
  • Manufacturers providing after market asset management services

Our teams are able to complete assignments across the broad spectrum of aviation operations disciplines.

Our primary services include:

  • Compliance and Safety
  • Cost Management
  • Asset Management

“May each day find you vigilant and prepared for the uncertainties of your profession.  May each passenger entrusted to your care arrive at their destination safely without undue delay.”








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