Our Team

The Team

We have included a short biography for each of our principals in the next section.  Please feel free to leave comments or request additional information  from specific individuals.

Positions held by our Principals and Associates


Mac Armstrong, LTG (Ret.) USAF

  • SVP Operations, Air Transport Association
  • EVP Operations, Delta Air Lines
  • VP Safety, Delta Air Lines
  • VP Safety, US Airways
  • Commander, 21st Air Force

JB Kirk, Ph.D. P.E.

  • VP Operations Finance, Delta Airlines
  • MD Technical Operations Planning, Delta Airlines
  • Mgr, Inventory Management, American Airlines
  • Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting
  • OR Consultant, American Airlines Decision Technologies

Senior Associates

Tom Konitzer, BG (Ret.) USA

  • Principal Executive, Washington Safety Management Solutions, LLC
  • Commanding General, U.S. Army Safety Center/Director of Army Safety
  • Deputy Commander/Assistant Commandant, U.S. Army Aviation Center
  • Commander, 6th Cavalry Brigade Air Combat and III U.S. Corps Aviation Officer

John Marshall, COL (Ret.) USAF

  • VP, Safety and Compliance and
  • Director of Safety (CFR 14 Part 121)  Delta Air Lines
  • Wing Commander, USAF

Jim Maucere, A&P

  • VP, Maintenance Operations, Delta Air Lines
  • Director of Hangar Operations  and
  • Director of Maintenance (CFR 14 Part 121) Delta Air Lines
  • Director Quality and Compliance
  • Chief Inspector (CFR 14 Part 121) Delta Air Lines

Steve Mauldin, Ed.D.

  • Senior Manager, Author D. Little Inc.
  • System Manager, Operations Control Center, Delta Air Lines
  • System Manager, Technical Operations, Delta Air Lines
  • Pilot, Eastern Airlines and USAF

Origin of the Blue Water Solutions name: “Blue Water” carrier operations are executed so far out to sea (in Blue Water) that the aircraft launched from the aircraft carrier must return to it with all of the attendant challenges and risks, no matter what the weather or mechanical difficulty. The knowledge, skills, and team work of those pilots and their mechanics epitomized what we want to help our clients achieve.


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